Blitz Edit

Blitz is a stupid, idiotic, dumb, and a crazy unicorn. She lives with Pepper.

History Edit

Blitz was born in January 12th of 2006. She lives with Pepper and Gabby on 1309 Rosebury Drive, in a fictional city called Alkor. But in real life, she lived in Yakutsk until early 2017, which she and her family moved into Homer Glen, Illinois, USA.

Appearance Edit

Blitz is a colorfully, mostly light colored yellow, blue, pink, and possibly greenish unicorn that is also taller than average teen. She weighs about 100 pounds. Her height is about 5’ 7”. She has blue eyes, a blue horn, and blue ears and paws. Her main color for her skin is blue.

Personality Edit

Blitz displays a lot of annoyance towards people, especially Pepper. She thinks that 15x5=20. When the answer is actually 75. Because she thinks that the fifteen are there, and the extra five are times possible to join the fifteen, and gives the answer to twenty. But the answer is 75 because every fifteen you get, 15 is timed as you add it up, 15 + 15 x 1 = 30 then you get 45 by doing the same thing, it repeats until you get 75. So, 15 + 30 = 45. And then 15 + 30 x 1 1/2 = 60, then there is 15 + 30 x 2 = 60 = 75, then you will have 75. She also thinks that 5 - 3 = 8 because there is five, and the group has three, and the group of three gets flushed away down the toilet. And the other three join in with the other three. 5 take away 3 is supposed to be 2 because there’s 5 and the 3 get knocked off a cliff. And the other 2 stay, so the answer is 2.

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes Edit

  • Annoying people, mostly Pepper
  • Her obsessions
  • Pranking people
  • Locking Pepper out of a certain room, mainly out of the house.
  • Wishes
  • Magic
  • Rainbows
  • Dreams

Dislikes Edit

  • Being grounded or arrested
  • Nightmares
  • Having night terrors
  • Looking at dead bodies
  • Pepper (sometimes)
  • Being punished

Death Count Edit

It states that Blitz really hasn’t died at all yet.

Forms and Variations Edit

It will more likely be in the future.

Relationships Edit

Pepper Edit

It states that Pepper and Blitz have a annoying relationship for Pepper, but for Blitz is fine to be honest. Blitz is an annoyance target for her. But however, it happened since she was released from the TY company.

Gabby Edit

Blitz and Gabby mainly have a good relationship together.

Gilda Edit

Gilda existed until after the Easter special that is coming up on Easter, but in Blitz’s dream, Gilda isn’t really alive anymore. It stated that she died already, being killed by Pepper possibly from drowning.

Pixy Edit

It exposed that Blitz and Pixy have a well relationship together.

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